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10 Most Dangerous And Deadly Sports in the World


Since the ancient time human has invented thousands of sports for entertainment. Across the world numerous games originated from different tradition. Some traditional sports involved animals and some can be played individually or in group. Few sports are pretty entertaining but injurious to play. These dangerous game may leads to injury or death as well. Sports like bull fight and base jumping are extremely dangerous for life. Today, we will talk about these sports, so here is the list of 10 most dangerous sports in the world.

1. Base Jumping

Dangerous Sport of Base Jumping
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Thought of jumping from 10,000 or 15,000 feet sounds adventurous but can be life threatening. Base Jumping is one of the dangerous sports in the world. Where people jumps from the airplane. In some cases they have no time to open parachutes which falls their life in danger. Recently we have seen some people jumps from building, antennas, towers etc , these heights are quite less to open parachutes, which causes several injuries and death too.

2. Horse riding

Dangerous Sport 2 Horse Riding
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Horse Riding seems very stylish and adventures sport. This sport is very famous in Africa where people do gambling on horses. But have you ever thought that how dangerous this game is? Every year several accidents came into existence in Horse Riding. Most primary reason of these incidences is to get stumbled and fell under the horse’s hoofs. Horse hoofs are so powerful to fracture human bones and any critical injury may leads to death also. Very common reason of an accident is ,when horse kicks or throw you away while riding is extremely dangerous.

3. Scuba diving

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Scuba Diving is fastest growing underwater sports across the world. SCUBA means Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. People dive into water and breath through oxygen cylinder. Scuba is adventurous and safe if people follow all essential cautions otherwise it can be dangerous. If a person does not take proper breath or if his/her cylinder is not tied properly, water may reach inside the body which may damage lungs, ear-drums or sinuses. As you go down, the water pressure increases according the depth, high pressure can swell the blood vessels and block proper blood flow in body. It’s also hard to do hand or leg movement at this pressure. Ideally for 33 feet of depth, the ambient pressure increases by additional 1 atm (one ATM caused by the Earth’s atmosphere).

4. Running of the bulls

Bull Ride
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San Fermin the festival to running with bull celebrates on 6th July in Pamplona, Spain. This dangerous sport is well-known dangerous sport in the world. In this sport hundreds of bulls leaves open on the road and youngster jumps before the bull to show off their braveness. It’s quite dangerous because at the end of every season 50-100 people get injured by bull thorns and getting crushed in crowd.

6. Jallikattu

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Jallikattu is also a bull-taming sport occurs in Tamil-Nadu India at the time of Pongal Festival in South India. Jallikattu is in practice for more than 200 years India. In this sport  people show their bravery by controlling the bull. They hold the bull for specified time and distance to win. There are more than 200 peoples were died in last 2 decades in this sport. Recently, Government of India planned to ban this game but people protested against. Eventually, After the appeal from animal activists this sport has been banned in the country.

5. Bull riding

Bull In American Tradition
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Bull riding is a rodeo sport popular in American Tradition. In this sport rider stay on the bucking bull and hold the bull rope with single hand for 8 sec at least. In this time, Bull always try to free himself from the rider. Sometimes 1 ton weighted bull throw the rider away and while shaking head bull penetrate thorn inside rider’s body which causes critical injuries and death too. Apart from America Bull riding is also famous in other counties like Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand with different set of rules.

4. Gymnastics

Gymnastics in Olympics
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Gymnastics is known for flexibility, strength and balancing. The sport is popular among men and women both. Gymnastics is one of the popular sport in Olympics too. Many countries participate in several tournaments across the globe every year. In last few decades there are lot of incident came in to picture where many players were injured, suffered with fractures, ankle sprains, cartilage damages etc.

3. Boxing

Boxing In The Ring
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Boxing is a sport of fighting, in which two players fight by using their fists. A boxing match takes one to three-minute intervals. Boxers are usually of uniform weight. Boxing has a bone breakdown during the fight. Many times the fists are exposed to the blood, and the nose and jaw can break.

2. Soccer

Soccer Sport Image
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Soccer is one of the most popular games in the world. This is the second game that have the most chances to get the injuries. Many players often get cramps and injuries with the impact of ball. According to a research, the chance of getting 75% of the injury in soccer is more than the rest of the sports.

1. Biking

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Cycling or biking is at the top of the list. Since most of the events have taken place in this game. There are many types of biking, such as mountain biking, dirt biking. In which the bikes are driven by dangerous paths and tossed. By which the players get so much injury. Many times his death also happens. Every year the number of players injured in this game is the highest.

All these games have been taken on the basis of their in-kind experience. There are many dangerous games that are not part of this list.

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