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The 10 Most Expensive Cities To Live In The World 2017 (List By HR Firm Mercer)


Have you ever wondered how much you have to pay to live in the most expensive places in the world?

Many people shifts from one city to another every day. Where they manages adjust their lifestyle, cost of living, different atmosphere and so on.

Do you also search for living cost before moving to another city?

Obviously it’s general. Before moving to some places we don’t have any idea, it’s important to check your pocket and all other aspects which may effect your lifestyle, because there are some expensive cities in the world where cost of living is very high. There are several agencies across the World who research every year to figure out average expensive people bear in different cities to live. One of the most famous agency among them is HR Firm Mercer.

HR firm Mercer has released a list recently to find out most expensive place in the world to live.

The company conducted a survey recently this year based on the expenses community bear in day today life and how far money you will get. In the list of most costly cities , US City New York Ranks #9 in the world and first in America. Also, Cities in China and Japan also taken place in the list of most expensive cities.

So, Let’s check out the list of  top 10 expensive cities in the world a list by HR Firm Mercer.

10. Bern, Switzerland

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In Bern, the taxes are lower than salaries as compare to other European counties on an average. People mainly accommodate in rented house. Because property rates are too high in the Bern. In average living cost House and Energy covers 16%, Transport 8%, Entertainment 13% and Food and Beverages is 7%. Apartment rents in Bern is cheaper than Geneva and Zürich. An average 2 bedroom flats costs about 1,800 CHF per month.

9. New York City, U.S.

New York Is the Most expensive city in US
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New York is US’s most expensive city and counts under top 10 expensive cities in the world. Major share of living cost goes in accommodation. An average 2 BHK flat cost you $5,058 per month. New York ranks at third position in the world for it’s highest residential real estate prices. In a report by Savills World Research. Cost of living is New York is higher in other sectors too. A Cup of coffee is around $6.14, Average Flat Rent is $3,783, Average price to buy a house is $1.36 million , T-bone steak for $12.78, Beauty parlor make up price : $68, 1 Dozen eggs will cost you $2.89. Most expensive place is New York is Brooklyn. Real Estate prices in Brooklyn increased by 127% in last few years followed by Boerum Hill prices increased by 104% and DUMBO by 76%.

8. Shanghai, China


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Shanghai is 8th most costly to live. Renting an apartment costs you 6,781.25 ¥ for one room set near city centre. Buying an apartment in Shanghai is too high. 2 BHK flat costs around 43,141.96 ¥ to 95,251.28 ¥. A single person monthly costs of living is around 4,348.81¥ without rent.

7. Geneva, Switzerland

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Geneva City in Switzerland comes in the list of  most expensive place in the world to live. Renting a 2 Bedroom apartment cost is between CHF 2,300 to 3,500 per month. Family of 4 members need at least CHF 7000 per month to live modest life. House rent covers 16% of monthly budget where transport 8%, entertainment 13% and Food and beverages 7% per month.

6. Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, South Korea
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Seoul City in South Korea is sixth most expensive city in the world. Average amount to rent a single bedroom apartment is between 558,469.24 ₩ to 939,065.74 ₩.  Buying an 2 BHK apartment will costs between 7,839,564.15 ₩ to 12,466,834.81 ₩. Salaries are high here with respect to expenses. An average monthly salary in Seoul is 2,883,552.31 ₩. A single person monthly living cost is 1,081,820.85₩ approximate without rent.

5. Singapore

Singapore Most Expensive Cities In the World
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Living cost in Singapore fallen a bit as compare to other countries. In previous year Singapore was at fourth place where in 2017 it fallen at fifth. Average living cost in Singapore is 147% higher than Philippines.  A one family flat of 2 BHK rent is around SGD $2,661 to SGD $3,475 per month. Where basic utility bills cost around SGD $153 every month.

4. Zurich, Switzerland

Zuerich the most expensive city in Europe
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Zurich is the most expensive city in Europe and Switzerland is the most expensive countries in Europe to visit. Month expenses for a single person is 1,540.89Fr approximate. Average month salary is Zurich is around 6,026.70 Fr. Renting an apartment in Zurich is more expensive as compare to other European Cities.  Rent of 2 Bedroom Flat is between 1,412.50 Fr. to 1,851.76 Fr. and real estate prices in Zurich are between 8,819.42 Fr. to 13,843.75 Fr. per square meter.

3. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo The Most Expensive City Of Japan
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Tokyo is the capital of Japan and the third most expensive city in the world.  Single person month living cost is 119,647.31¥ without rent. Accommodation prices are on sky in Tokyo. Monthly rent for 900 Sqft furnished apartment is between ¥183,228 to ¥285,651. Utilities 1 month expense including gas, energy, electricity etc is around ¥11,525

2. Hong Kong

Hong Kong Second Expensive City
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Hong Kong is the most expensive is in Asia and second most costly city is the world. A small apartment rental begins at US$1000 per month where Monthly rent for 2 bhk apartment furnished is between HK$26,012 to HK$37,604. All salaries in Hong Kong are higher than other places in the region. An average monthly household income is HK$17,500 approximate.

1. Luanda, Angola

Angola Most Expensive City In The World
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Luanda, Angola city of Southern Africa is the leading the list of most expensive place in the world. Previous year, Hong Kong was leading the list but this year Luanda taken the top position. Luanda’s costs are high. A Single bedroom apartment in Angola will costs $4000 per month. As a comparison with other parts of the world, Even in Manhattan average cost of flat is $3500. Living costs varies according the neighborhoods. Buying an normal apartment in Launda is around 2,500.00 $ to 9,500.00 $.

Luanda, Angola ranked  #1 to become the most expensive city. Along with that China has most number to expensive cities.

The date is based on the report released by Human Resource Organization Mercer in 2017. The cost of living is all above counties are approximate figures. It may vary with the actual costs.

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