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10 Countries having lower currency than India (2017)


Do you know? Indian currency is stronger than other currencies!!!

We will show you Indian rupee vs other currencies list in this article.

We always feel, India is one of the poorest country in the world because we know there are many foreign currency value in india is higher . Because, We have seen developed countries like US dollar and UK pound which has highest currency value to inr, and that’s true actually. But, If we tell you about some countries where you will feel rich with Indian Rupee.

Are you interested to know? Which country has lowest currency value against indian rupee?

Today we will checkout those countries where Indian rupee is stronger than there local currency.

1. Bolivia Currency To INR : 1 INR = 0.11 Bolivian Boliviano

Bolivian Boliviano

This south American county is famous for drinking, wandering, deserts lakes and mountains. Hotels are cheap here and it’s great place to spend your summer holidays with friends. It is cheaper than spending holiday in Kerala.

2. Paraguay Currency To INR : 1 INR = 87.70 Paraguayan Guarani

Image of Paraguay

Paraguay is landlocked among Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina. Country is famous for its forest, rivers and large swaths of swampland. It’s very less populated country and this is also famous that Paraguay is the most CHEEPER country on the map according to the survey of Mercer. Isn’t interesting.
Currency is cheaper than food, hotels, sightseeing everything is easily affordable.

3. Zimbabwe Currency To INR  : 1 INR = 5.85 ZWD

Image of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is African country where you can enjoy jungle safari. There is nothing much to do, you can experience local citizen life here. But, If you think everything is cheaper here than you could be wrong. Because in recent times Zimbabwe faced 1000% inflation. Which is too high so you may have to loose your pocket to rent and an apartment or hotels.

4. Costa Rica Currency To INR : 1 INR = 8.97 Costa Rican Colón

Image of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is situated in central America and believe me you will feel like an heaven. Imagine a country full surrounded with rain falls, beaches, fountains and sea. Currency of Costa Rica is one of the lowest currency in the world.

5. Belarus Currency To INR : 1 INR = 216 Ruble

Image of Belarus

Belarus is east European country and Ruble is its local currency. The Belarus currency to INR is 1 INR = 216 Ruble.  If you are interested in history of wars and want to experience those event. Than Belarus has KGB Headquarters, Independence Square, while the Museum of the Great Patriotic War commemorates the country’s role in WWII.

6. Pakistan Currency To INR : 1 INR = 1.65 Pakistani Rupee

Image of Pakistan

Very near very known to us. Yes, Pakistan closest Indian neighbor country has weaker currency than India.

7. Vietnam Currency To INR : 1 INR = 354.96 Vietnamese Dong

Image of Vietnam

Differences between india and vietnam currency is huge. It’s around 1 INR = 354.96 Vietnamese Dong as per currency currency conversion value. Vietnam is south Asian country located on south china sea. You can afford hotel, food, liquor and transport in Rs. 700 only in Vietnam.

8. Mongolia Currency To INR : 1 INR = 38.10 Mongolian Tugrik

Image of Mongolia

Mongolia is a country on the border of China and Russia. Mongolia is famous for Vodka and Horse trail and natural beauty. You can rent a room in as low as 400 INR.

9. Hungary Currency To INR : 1 INR = 4.00 Hungarian Forint

Image of Hungary

Hungary is an European country and it is famous for its Architectural landmarks and Danube River.
You can find Turkish and Roman influence on Hungarian culture.

10. Nepal Currency To INR : 1 INR = 1.6 Nepalese Rupee

Image of Nepal

Nepal is most closest country to India in terms of relation. This is one of the 58 countries where Indian nationals does not required visa to visit. Well Nepal is full of mountain and natural beauty. There highest peak of mountain Mount Everest is also located here. You can sort out hotel, food and transport here in less than 1000 INR.

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