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[RANKING] 10 Most Powerful And Strongest Army In The World 2017


Countries highly depends upon their special forces to cope up national security issues. Government spends millions and billions of dollar to upgrade military power every year and become the most powerful army in the world. As per geographical area and population nation train soldiers and buy various weapons , guns, tanks every year. Which enhance country’s position among the powerful nations.

Today, we will discuss about the top 10 Most powerful army in the world.

10. Japan

10 japan army rank in world
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Japan has one of the most strongest army in the world. After world war 2 , Japan has invested handsome amount to grow its military power. The country having $49.1 billion of defense budget for Army. They have 247,000 soldiers in action and 60,000 soldiers on bench (reserved). This military has 1,595 aircraft and 131 war ships. Japan has 5th Strongest Air Force in the world too.

9. South Korea

south korean army ranks 9 in the world
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South Korea has 9th most powerful army in the world. The country shares border with North Korea which is one of the most strongest and deadly army power. In recent times North Korea has tested hydrogen bomb also. South Korea use to face military clashes on borders with North Korea. So, The country has increased it’s military budget and it leads to $34 billion. South Korea has 640,000 soldiers active and 2,900,000 in reserve. South Korea has 6th strongest Air Force in the world having 1393 aircraft. It’s navy has 166 ships. In terms of weapons, country has 15000 land weapons and a rocket systems , 2346 tanks as well.

8. Turkey

8 turkish military ranking in the world
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Turkey shares border with multiple nations. Like Syria, a country use to threaten by Islamic States from last few years. Turkey raised it’s defense budget by 10% in 2015 and reached to $18.18 billion. The country has 660,000 military troops both active and reserved. Also, It’s Air Force has 1000 Air Craft and 16,000 land weapons. Turkey use to do its military training with United States and has good relation with many countries.

7. Germany

germany military ranks 7 in the world
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Germany has one of the oldest and strongest Army in the world. The country spends $45 million every year as it’s defense budget. The country has 183,000 active soldiers and 145,000 reserved troops. Also, Germany has one of the strongest Air force as well. They have 710 aircraft carriers and 5000 different land weapons. Good enough to tackle any war.

6. France

6 france military ranking in the world
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France is a nuclear power and caries a position in EU and UN. The country spends 1.9% of GDP as it’s military budget. In 2013, France decided to cut down it’s budget by 10% to save money for research and grow in terms of advance technologies. France also known for one of the biggest weapons supplier in the world. It has 220,000 armed force personnel active and 500,000 reserved. It has 1000 Air Crafts and 9,000 vehicles. France holds 290 nuclear weapons which raised it’s power 100 times.

5. United Kingdom

uk military ranks 5 in the world
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United Kingdom has world’s 4th most powerful army in the world. UK is a member of EU. The country has Royal Navy and RAF. UK has cut down it’s military budget by 20% between 2010-2018. Currently, UK has defense budget of $54 billion. This country has 205,000 military troops , 908 Air Crafts, 66 Ships. UK holds a position as a nuclear power , it has 160 nuclear bomb.

4. India

indian military ranks 4 in the world
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India shares it’s border with countries like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, China and others. The country use to face military infiltration in Jammu and Kashmir state. India has one of the largest soldiers count, Which is 1.325 million military personnel. Along with that India has 16,000 land vehicles, 3500 tanks and 1,785 aircraft. India has around 90-100 nuclear weapons too. India spends $46 billion every year as it’s military budget. The country having a ballistic missiles which can hit all Pakistan and china at once.

3. China

china military ranks 3 in the world
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China is the world’s most populated country. Having 2.285 million active soldiers and 2.3 million reserved soldiers. China spends 12.2 % of its GDP as military budget. China has the largest army in the world. They have 25,000 land vehicles. And it’s Air Force has 28,000 Air Crafts. China having one of the largest number of nuclear weapons, they have 300 and 180 different deployment methods. China is also a member of UN like India and Pakistan. China is the most strongest country in Asia.

2. Russia

russian military ranks 2 in the world
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Russia is top competitor of United States in terms of power. They both have conflict to become the world super power. Russia spends $76.6 billion annually on it’s Army. Scholar says that Russia will grow it’s army by 44% in next 3 years. This country has 766,000 active soldiers and 2.5 million reserved. Russia has 15,500 tanks. Russia is also known as largest tanks manufacturer in the world.

1.The United States

us military ranks 1 in the world
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The United States of America most powerful country in the world. US spends $612.5 billion on its military. This is the highest military budget in the world. This amount is more that GDP of many countries. The countries have several different special forces and it’s army has 1.4 million personnel and 800,000 reserved soldiers. America is the biggest nuclear power of the world. They have 19 Air Craft carriers and 7500 nuclear weapons.

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