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10 BEST Future Gadgets Can Change The World


World’s largest annual trade show CES 2016 has ended. Plenty of companies showcased there future ready inventions in this exhibition. We saw some cool future gadgets related to entertainment, travel and home. We know you all are excited to know about upcoming entries in gadget world.

Companies like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive dragged consumer attention towards their premium products like ultra-high definition television and again new robotics creation attracted consumer in CES. From Robots to High Tech Home Gadgets, we found awesome creations this year.

In this article we will tell about 10 best future gadget that can change your lifestyle completely.

1. Advanced Personal Robot Loomo by Segway Robotics

Segway launched high-tech robot Loomo. Unlike old fashioned robots, Loomo is far better in doing daily personal tasks. It’s self-balancing feature provides fun riding experience to consumers. As far as features are concern, Loomo has embedded GPS tracker, voice recognizer and sensors. Its artificial intelligence algorithms are so strong to understand human commands. Loomo robot build to assists in light weight transportation and personal assistance. Segway also providing open SDK for developer for programming its features.

2. Samsung Transformable Modular TV

Samsung’s modular TV can transform one display in eight pieces in front of your eyes with a single click. Yes, this revolutionary gadget idea can give new rise to Television manufacturing industry. Samsung Modular TV is divided in 8 different pieces originally but while watching the TV you won’t see separation line between two screens. It shares single display to multiple screen in aspect ratio. Isn’t it cool? You can reduce or extend screen display as per your choice. Also, all screen can rotate at different angles too.

3. SCiO Food Scanner by Diet Sensor

People are getting very diet conscious these days, which is important actually. So, if you are also one of them, looking for something which can monitor your diet. Suggest you what you should eat and what not? Than Diet Sensor brought you most useful gadget for your daily lives. It’s called SCiO Food Scanner, You just need to place this product in front of any food item and click a button. The gadget is so smart to sense all the mixed nutrients in the food and show you in the associated app installed on your mobile. So now you can pick healthy food of your choice easily. SCiO gadget connects with smartphone app using Bluetooth. All the scanned items will list on the app. You can buy this product directly from Diet Sensor’s official website.

4. Samsung Notebook 9

Samsung launched new notebook in CES 2016 this year. This notebook has no much feature to fascinate about. The best feature till now which I observed is the weight and thickness of this gadget which seems inspired from Apple MacBook Pro. Notebook 9 is the thinnest and lightest laptop ever launched by Samsung. Samsung Notebook 9 is configured with Intel Core I7 processor, 8GB DDR4 Ram and 256 GB SSD.  Which is also not very appreciable as compare to other rival brands. The thing which I worried about is it’s resolution 1080p which doesn’t provides you high quality picture display. Samsung Notebook 9 costs around $1200 which we think is not reasonable price for this product. So, If you are planning to buy a laptop you can go with Apple MacBook Pro and Dell XPS.

5. Livestream Movi – 4k Ultra Live Video Streaming

Live streaming is in trend these days. People upload the live stream videos on Facebook and capture real life movement using smartphones. But it’s time for some massive change in area. Because Livestream Movi 4k Ultra Live Video Streaming gadget is out in the market. Which provides you 4k Ultra video recording feature on the go. All you need to configure this device with your IPhone App and stream your live videos anywhere. You can Zoom In , change the video angles, pan, cut and also set the camera to follow faces. This high tech gadget will cost you $399 and available to buy at Amazon.com.

6. Chevrolet Bolt EV – Electronic Hatchback Car

In electric car industry Tesla is leading car manufacturer. But this time Chevy Bolt giving good competition to Tesla’s Roadster and Tesla Model S card. Bolt showcased its Chevy Bolt Electric Hatchback Car in CES 2016. This car is configured with all high tech mechanism like automatic handling dynamics, cabin comfort, quietness, charging capability, and energy efficiency. Chevrolet Bolt EV has wide dashboard with 10.2 inches of touchscreen for operating features, which enhance the beauty of this car.

Electric cars costs more than normal cars but $30,000 consumer friendly price for this much features in electric car class.

7. Razer Blade StealthThe Gaming Ultrabook

Razer enters with their most awaited super gaming machine Ultrabook (Blade Stealth). Razer Blade Stealth is one the best gaming gadget in in the market like Apple and Dell. Its fast, robust, light weighted and provides high quality graphics. Razer Blade Stealth is configured with 13.3-inch screen, 2.93 pounds (1.33kg) of weight, 4K ultra display and Intel® Core™ i7 processor. The company commits it’s battery backup of 9 hours with QHD+ display. Blade Stealth costs you around $1,399.99 which is fair price for its features. If you are gaming gig, you can buy this gaming machine from Bestbuy, Amazon or Microsoft.com.

8. Ehang 184 – Autonomous Ariel Vehicle AAV (Passenger Drone)

Enhang Passenger Drone is bit different from traditional drone. Forget about the old drones who used in deliver packages or capture videos. Enang 184 is all-electric helicopter use to travel for medium or short distance for humans. It is safe and smart. It is eco-friendly and made of 100% with green technology. It can be operated by unique application system installed on table PC. So, are you excited to take a ride of this fascinating helicopter?

9. Faraday Future – FFZero1 Electric Car Concept

Faraday’s Future high-performance all-electric car is one of the best futuristic gadget  the year. Faraday showcased this fully automatic car concept and claimed that it goes 0-60 speed in less than three seconds. In a single charging it can travel over 200 miles. We would like to tell you FFZero1 is not launched yet. Faraday’s Nick Sampson says that we’ll see real cars in “a couple of years.” So right now we have a vision, we actually don’t know how it will look once launched.

10. Parrot Disco FPVA Spy Drone

Parrot Disco is new release in spy drone gadget category. It has two fixed wings and it can reaches speeds up to 50 mph and fly up to 45 mins. Drone is embeded with high definition camera on the nose which can record a HD 1080P videos and can capture the footage in RAW, JPEG and DNG format. Parrot can do automatic take-off and landing. It has assisted piloting controls and anti-stall system. User also has option to setup camera in different modes.

More than 4,000 companies and 180,000 members participated in this concert. Above are some best futuristic gadgets of CES 2016 impressed us a lot. We can expect some more new entries next year.


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