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Gurmeet Singh doing this work to earn in jail – Must Read


Two girls who were raped in dera sacha sauda ashram by dera sacha sant Gurmeet Singh had waited for justice for 15 years, finally court sentenced Ram Rahim for 20 years of imprisonment. After this court verdict there was a rumor spread through media sources that Gurmeet Singh is getting VIP treatment inside jail premises. Truth has been cleared when he reached to the jail. But now a good news comes for raped victims that Gurmeet Singh will not avail any VIP treatment in the Jail premises, he will entitled for same treatment what other prisoners availing in Rohtak Jail.

According to sources Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh spent his first day in jail like hell, he spent whole night without Air Conditioner and had normal drinking water. No luxury bed was provided by the jail authorities even after he complained that he is suffering from back pain. No attendant was available to take care of him also he had only milk in dinner.

Now that he has completed almost a week in the jail, there are more reports flowing in. It is being said that law has ensured that sentence of Gurmeet continues to remain hard.

It has been longer that one week in Jail. Authorities ensured that the punishment will remain the same.

Rohtak Jail officials opens up option for Gurmeet Singh to do job in Jail. Jail provides work to every prisoner as per there skills. So Gurmeet Singh can work as a labour in a jail factory or he can work as a gardner. For which he will earn 40 rupees daily. And if he has no skills than we can work in cleaning staff for which he will get 20 rupees on daily basis.

It has reported that Gurmeet Singh’s behaves decently after going to jail. He is not mingling with anyone inside the jail. His mental health getting worse day by day.

As per Swaraj Kirad a Dalit Activist recently came out of the Rohtak Jail says, Gurmeet Singh became a center of attraction for other prisoners. But there is trouble came for other prisoners because blanket is ban for last one week for everyone who enters of leave the jail.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim security has been taken at high priority by Jail management. As a result other prisoners use to sent inside the cells while police take Gurmeet out of his cell.

He has under the trail for 2 murder cases also which reaching to its verdict soon by Punjab Haryana court.

We are expecting the speedy verdict by the court soon for these 2 case also.

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