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Top 10 highest paid actors in the world 2017


In the era of commercial cinema where producers raised their movie budget at higher level. Actors also demanding massive hike in there fees. Some actors shares the profit of Box Office Collection. From Bollywood to Hollywood a race is going on to be the highest paid actor. The Forbes magazine has released the list of world’s highest  paid actors. Forbes revealed these earning on the basis of  data from Nielsen, ComScore, Box Office Mojo and IMDB, as well as interviews with industry insiders.

Bollywood actors Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar  taken place in the list of top 10 most highest paid actors in the world. Hindi movie actors join the ranks with Hollywood actors like Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Cruise. Among the top 10 actors, Mark Wahlberg is the highest paying actors in hollywood in the list with $68 million of net worth income in 2017.

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In the launched list of 30 most expensive actor. Let’s checkout top 10  highest paid actor 2017:

  1. Mark Wahlberg, $68 million
  2. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, $65 million
  3. Vin Diesel, $54.5 million
  4. Adam Sandler, $50.5 million
  5. Jackie Chan, $49 million
  6. Robert Downey, Jr., $48 million
  7. Tom Cruise, $43 million
  8. Shah Rukh Khan, $38 million
  9. Salman Khan, $37 million
  10. Akshay Kumar, $35.5 million

3 Bollywood actors managed to takes place in top 10. It’s a good sign for Bollywood and as the Bollywood growing, we likely to see our Indian actors in top 5 for sure. Recently movies like Dangal and Bahubali 2 The Conclusion succeeded to grab international viewers attraction and earned more than 500 crore.

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