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Kangana Ranaut REVEALED SECRET about Hritik Roshan in Aap Ki Adalat


Bollywood surrounded with controversies everyday but some time few stories grabs media attraction too much. The same thing happened this time again when a big matter become public when Hritik Roshan put allegation on Kangna Ranaut to grab media attention by spreading rumors about their relationship. We would like to tell you that Hritik sent a notice to Kangna Ranaut after she indirectly called her Ex C, she did not taken his name but Hritik got mad and warned her to make her all private videos and messages public which she sent him while being in a relationship. Kangna did not responded about this controversy for a long time in public but after a year she came in an action and chosen Rajat Sharma’s Aap Ki Adalat to expose Hritik Roshan. On Saturday’s show she said a lot about Hritik Roshan, Karan Johar and Bollywood award functions. The way she reacted on national television for the first time was literally grabbed users attention.

In one hour of show she said 40 mins about Hritik and her relationship. She said that when she was a flopped actress in bollywood. She was in love relationship with Hritik Roshan in her early days in Bollywood and she was serious about that. Hritik did not accepted that he will marry her because he was already married. But Kangna wanted this relationship to bring at some conclusion so she put an option before him to be with her or leave her. But Hritik was not agree to leave her and not even agreed get marry. As she said that many times Hritik told me to not disclose this relationship in public. Finally they got broke up in 2014. After which he also got divorce from his wife Suzane Khan. She says that Hritik came to me after the success of her movie Queen and plead to be in relationship again. But Kangna denied that she wanted to get married or get separate. She also sent an open letter to Hritik. When Rajat Sharma asked her that did she not asked help from Women Commission than she told that when she was working in Vishal Bharadwaj movie at that time, he told her to go to Women Commission for help but when she went there to help, a person from the Commission told her to settle down this matter here itself because they are very rich and powerful personality. As she said that Rakesh Roshan also threatened her to expose her and its being one year she is waiting for his reply.

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In the show Kangna also blamed Karan Johar to being a partial about the actor belongs to Bollywood big families. She said that Karan insulted her many times about her English speaking skills about her looks and many more.

Eventually this story again caught fire. Lets see what responses will come from Hritik and Karan.

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