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UNTOLD Mysterious facts about Kashmir – (Before India’s Partition)


Here you will know about the rarest and very mysterious facts about Kashmir conflict. Some amazing facts which has changed the culture of J&K and Indian Politics.

There are 100s of untold facts about Jammu and Kashmir!!!

Today, You all will know rare and mysterious facts about kashmir. Many of us do not know that Jammu and Kashmir was not the part of India at the time of independence. Yes this was the one of the most important historical moments in indian history

Today we will tell you the story of this state and why there is terrorist infiltration found in J&K since a long time? Why raising a Pakistani flag is not punishable in the state? Who are these separatist? Let’s start it from the very beginning when India was not like this. what we see on the map.

Story of  J&K before 1947

Yes, Along with J&K India was divided in 565 princely states before 1947. These states were divided in small medium and large areas. Some of them has their own Army and Currency too.

Jammu and Kashmir was also a princely state and Maharaja Hari Singh was the king of this state.

The state had its own currency, prime minister and army too. J&K was spread from China border from left side to the some portion of Pakistan.

Instrument of Accession

When British were leaving India, they had one question. Are they leaving a country or 565 states behind them. So, They decided to give an option to the Kings of these states. That either they can merge into India or Pakistan. Also, If they want, so they can stay as Independent state too.

To create this law British chosen Sardar Patel and Advisor VP Menon.

Eventually, VP Menon created a draft called “Instrument of Accession”. According to this constitutional amendment, states who want to merge in India can sign this document and declared the merger of there princely state to India.

Maharaja Hari Singh wanted to make J&K as free state.

Invasion of Kabali’s in 1948 

In June 1947, British announced to leave from India on 15th August 1947. At that time Jammu and Kashmir was a free state. After independence Pakistan sent kabali’s (Pakistani terrorist) to occupy J&K. At that time J&K Army was not sufficient to fight with those Kabali’s. So, Maharaja Hari Singh asked for help from Lord Louis Mountbatten. Mr Mountbatten was the last vaysaray of India.

Accession of Jammu and Kashmir in India 

When Maharaja Hari Singh plead to Mountbatten to send Indian forces to rescue Jammu and Kashmir. Mr. Mountbatten put a condition before Hari Singh that Jammu and Kashmir is still a free state so he cannot help him. But if can Sign on Instrument of Accession than J&K will become the part of India and he can help him.

Kabaali’s were occupied half part of J&K and they were just 54Km behind the Srinagar. So, Lord Louis Mountbatten instantly sent VP Menon to Kashmir for convincing Maharaja to sign the Instrument of Accession. Maharaja Hari Singh signed the Instrument of Accession on 26 October 1947 in return for military aid and assistance.

Story of LOC (Line of Control) and Azad Kashmir

Very next morning Indian helicopter landed at Srinagar Airbase. And they started to chase the Kabali’s, almost throw them out of Kashmir. Meanwhile, Pakistan appealed to United Nation to stop this war immediately. UN right way decided to declared Ceasefire line. Which will divide these 2 countries. As a result, Some portion of Kashmir became the part of Pakistan and major part was left in India’s side.

The part which is occupied by Pakistan is called Azad Kashmir and The line which divides India and Pakistan the cease fire line is known as Line Of Control now.

History of Article 370

After merger of J&K in India Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru thought that the Kashmir merger was not right because it was happened when Kashmir was suffering with danger. So, on 26 October 1947, Pt. Nehru given his most controversial speech on All India Radio. He said when the conflict in Jammu Kashmir will finish. We will make referendum in state, So that people of Jammu and Kashmir can choose either they want to live in India or Pakistan. Later this story become the root cause of Huriyat Conference. Know know the facts about kashmir conflict. The information about jammu & kashmir state, which we have shared with are referenced from the book called “kashmir behind the vale by MJ Akbar”.

Since, People know indian history after independence till now we hear several issues in Jammu and Kashmir. All issues are result of these incidents. Hope you all know came to know about the most important story of India.

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