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Upcoming Technology : 10 Technology Trend In Next 5 Years


Information Technology emerged a lot in last few decades. Starts from the very first computer to high tech smartphones now IT becomes an essential part of our daily lives. We are amazed with the technological marvels we have right now along with that we always curious to know about upcoming technology which has good visionary results. If you are one of them who want to start a business or seeking your career in IT Sector. Knowing such technologies which can trend for atleast 5 years is very important.
We will tell you about top 10 upcoming technology which are excellent to start a business and build a career.

Artificial intelligence(AI) 

Artificial Intelligence - Most Trending Technology
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AI or Artificial Intelligence is the most trending technology of 2017. It involves automated ideas to serve different tasks and customer services. Big IT giants like Google , Facebook, Apple and many more implemented machine learning algorithms to improve customer interaction, activity monitoring and spamming prevention automatically and every day they are taking this technology to a new horizon. So, if you are a techie and want establish a business in such technology it’s the right time to acquire.

IoT (Internet-of-Things) 

Internet-of-Things - Most Trending Technology
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Internet-of-Things (IoT) is a revolution in smart home technology over the years. We could see smart gadgets around us which directly interacts with appliances to operate. Remotes, Mobile Hardware Devices, Bluetooth and thousands of apps and appliances are available in market shows how IoT changes our lifestyle completely.

Now bigger companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, and Tata stepping in this sector. Tata EduCom boards already grabbed higher percentage of education market with their smart learning services. Very soon Google is launching Google Glasses and doing research on automatic Google Cars in upcoming years. Amazon recently tested product delivery system by Drone in few cities of United States. In upcoming years, we can expect some major announcement from other big companies too. I think IT students and entrepreneurs can try their skills in this raising technology.

AR and VR

AR and VR
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AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) both are winning a considerable measure of media and are promising huge growth. VR enhances virtual reality for gaming like Video/PC games, 3D motion pictures and 360 degree videos where AR use to display score overlays in sports game, display 3D emails, photos or text messages on mobile devices. Play Station and Xbox are well-known gaming companies develops VR and 3D Games.  3D and 360 degree movies are also trending in the market. We saw game launched in 2016 like “Pokémon Go” earned over 100 million downloads in the year. Companies like Facebook and YouTube also launched VR video version in past few years. This is one of the fastest emerging technology of future. Startups may get major opportunity in next 5 years.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is also one of the most emerging technology in video games and smart gadgets. Applications uses machine learning algorithm to display recommended products based on their previous purchase history and profile. Similarly, in gaming section there are smart games which understands new moves and tricks by prior playing history.

Google Search Algorithm is one of the oldest example of machine learning technology, it updates on regular basis for giving best result to the user. Some major websites like Facebook and Twitter also uses algorithm to monitor user’s activity to avoid unnatural behavior on the app. Machine Learning reduces manual effort by the human to understand or track any activity. We saw major upgrades in machine learning technology and we will see more in forthcoming years.


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Do you ride bike and cars? Then you will have great idea how automation penetrated in our lifestyle. We can see automated machines to serve work of 100 man by own in big factories. Also in IT sector apps like google voice recognizer and Apples Siri are excellent examples of Artificial Intelligence and Automation.

Automation is now part of all leading sector like Aviation, Railways, Production Houses, Information Technology. One side automation reduced the manpower and snatched the jobs of hundreds ,one the other side it has opened up opportunity of new careers. Nowadays, many engineers moving towards automation engineering. Its growing day-by-day and creating future scope for new generation.

Big Data (Visual, empathetic, qualitative)

Trending Technology For 5 YEars
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Big data describes a holistic statistics control method that includes and integrates many new styles of facts and data management along conventional facts. Companies uses big data technology to manage large datasets with social media records, text analytics and sensor data to get accurate picture of their users. According to IDC forecast, Big Data market is expected to be by worth $46.34 billion by year 2018 and is predicted to have a robust increase across big data associated infrastructure, software program and services over the next five years.

Big Data jobs like Data analyst, Database administrator, Information Security Analysts, Data scientist, Data architect, Database manager, Big data engineer continue to be in high demand.

Digital Integrations

Data Integration
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Mobiles are now completely involved in our daily lives. We do our day today sale purchase from online stores like Walmart and Flipkart. Many online shops and stores using virtual payment methods like CC Avenue, PayPal and net bankings. These things were possible only with physical interaction few years earlier but now these tasks can be done online using Digital Integration. People can purchase goods, book a movie ticket, send money online and can do other important work also. Digital Integration increased jobs in market of Retail and IT and predicted  to rise in future also.

Everything On-Demand

Everything on demand VOD service on TV, television concept.
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It’s hard to find specialist of daily household work in market. We should thanks Ola, Uber, JustDial, Foodpanda to make it easy for us. Now you can book a ride easily, call a plumber/carpenter or get food deliveries everything is available online on demand. You just need a mobile and internet to connect with the whole world. These services globalize the local vendor in the market and given chance to get right target audience for them.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing
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Cloud computing is most emerging technologies in software industry. According to Forbes

“Cloud computing is projected to increase from $67B in 2015 to $162B in 2020 attaining a CAGR of 19%.”

Cloud Computing will be in more demand in forthcoming years. These are the services of multiple servers, storage devices and applications which company provides to the user through Internet. Right now Amazon Web Services and Google and top Cloud Computing plateform providers are in the market. In recent years cloud computing services demand raised in the market. This sector generating jobs for Cloud Software Engineer, Cloud Network Architect/Planner, Cloud Network Engineer etc.

Adaptive Security

Designing an Adaptive Security Architecture with Unisys Stealth and LogRhythm
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Adaptive security is method to build safeguard systems, securing system with virus threats, malware attack, hacker etc. As Information technology is enhancing these threat issues are also growing. All big companies take their data security at highest priority in order to create trust upon their user. There are several Cyber Security companies in the market like Quick Heal, Norton, Avast who assure companies to secure user data.

Adaptive Security jobs like Data Security Expert, Data Analyst and Information Security Analyst are on high demand. Also, this sector is least effected of IT recession. More likely to grow in future.

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